Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The baby is almost 'dew'...

Eric wrote in his blog about his (and his wife's) child's Godparents (it almost reads like a press release):
... "The Godfather is our friend Chad Bring. I’ve been friends with Chad since we were 17. In college Chad was highly involved with Campus Crusade for Christ and has always been driven by God; his entire family is. When it comes to choosing a religious male influence in our child’s life, Chad is a perfect choice. This will be his second Godchild."
My small 'press release' (haha) - (once again)


Sarah said...

Makes me think of the song "Legacy." And while we're not here to be earning ourselves reputations, by any means, reassurance that we're close to the "right path" is always nice, isn't it? How nice of your friend to share such kind words.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't think of a better person to be Godfather of Eric's child. Chad was very active in Campus Crusades for Christ with myself and several others. He was a vital part of Crusades and I truly admired his imput on suggestions and his hard work with the first ever Worship Service at WSC. He is truly into God which is something I admire. Bec