Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April 4, 2006

Well, I’ve been busy as always. My to-do list keeps growing and I hope to knock a bunch over lunch.

I won a camera off eBay – pretty cheap, so I hope I didn’t get what I paid for. But if it doesn’t work like I hoped, I’m not out that much. It should be a good ‘starter’ camera.

At work, I’m working on the March marketing reports – hence I’ve been busy here on top of my normal tasks.

I’m still advising a handful of people on tweaks to their sites to drive more free traffic or at least – improve their chances.

April is 'supposedly' the month I’m going to continue on with Left Unsaid – so far, no luck. I think the big to do list is occupying my mind – that and other excuses, want to hear ‘em?

I was bummed that "How I Met Your Mother" wasn’t on last night, but I was able to get some R&R before "24".

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