Friday, March 24, 2006



Omaha Film FestivalAfter work yesterday, I took a very important nap as I knew I would be out late at the Omaha Film Festival (OFF) – filmmaker party at Michael's at the Market (which is quite a drive for me). There, I saw Jeremy and Jason from Red Frogs/the directors of the festival... along with Lou & Bob from Extreme Films. I saw a few other filmmakers I knew. I received my all access pass, a tv shirt, a care package of sorts, and was able to grab a copy of the City Weekly and The Reader which both had write ups about the festival. The food & drinks were free & yummy!

Along with heading to Lincoln sometime this weekend, I’m going to try and hit as many screenings as possible. There are three different locations so I’ll have to plan my routes carefully. “Silence” is appearing at 9pm on Saturday – after all the short films are complete – we’ll be doing a Q&A with the other filmmakers that are able to attend.

I turn 29 in two months – yikes!

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Adam said...

See you Saturday night!