Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A new hobby... eventually

So, I have this notion to take up photography. This will happen sometime this year, now is just too busy. No idea what I'd do with the pictures, but something I want to do.

So, I’m looking into books on it. Checking out prices. A fellow filmmaker also is into photography, so I'm seeking his input. While at Wal*Mart yesterday I saw one that fit what I have in my head as to what I’m looking for. Also, saw some on and eBay (I currently have a bid which I'll be outbidded later - I'm sure). Around work is some photo place and Rockbrook Camera & Video I'll check out over lunch 'sometime'.

My dilemma:
In my mind, I thought real film (always have) – but then I’d have to scan the photos to put ‘em on my site/blog. Plus, film development isn’t cheap, yet something about film you can’t get with digital. Plus, I love black and whites.

So, stay tuned to what I decide to do.

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