Monday, March 27, 2006

Film Festival Weekend...

Friday after work I headed to Lincoln. I dropped by to see my grandpa and then headed over to see Mike and the munchkins.

Saturday, I woke up way to early and went to visit my grandma and helped my mom prep for my cousin, his wife, my other cousin, my uncle, and my other aunt who were coming over for lunch. A rarity that they are all in town at the same time. We then went to visit the spot where my aunt is having a house built. It made me wish I had the funds to design and build my own house. In time – I guess. I headed to Omaha and stopped at the Josyln for the Omaha Film Festival. I got a chance to see “Expiration Date” which was pretty darn funny. That night, “Silence” screened along with some other local films. I saw a few short films including, "Full Disclosure" - my favorite.

Sunday, I did some work around the house and then went to see “Sweet Land” (at the festival) with Eric. Very well done film. We hit the Upstream before we headed to the Josyln for the festival awards. Our film, “Silence” didn’t win – but such as life. After the awards, people were given a chance to view the award winning films if they didn’t get a chance to before. After that was an after party with fruit, veggies, and some other quick bites. A limo company had two limos for filmmakers to ride around town in. The group I was with took one limo and then decided to ride in the other hummer limo. Both were fun to ride in – I had never been in a limo before.

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Adam said...

Never been in a limo?
Thats how we roll brotha!