Tuesday, February 21, 2006


After work yesterday, I was a bit tired, so I crashed until about 8. I caught most of “24” … that show is intense.
I messed around with my cell phone, trying to figure out how to set up voice-mail. I don’t recall getting a pass code and following the instructions gets me no where, I’ll have to ‘call for backup’.

Then I had a low-blood sugar level in the middle of the night. Uneasy/weird/out-of-body experience I try not to get too often. I have a new commitment to controlling it, I connected it with feeling ill all the time and anytime I read about the connection to blindness, I get back into my groove. With all the weight that I lost, controlling it better will help me get back to a more healthy weight as well. I don’t need any more reasons.


Eric B. Dwight said...

Angie said she is willing to help tomorrow night. In the (edited) words of Almighty, "She loves this stuff".

Unknown said...

My husband and two oldest daughters love watching 24. They never miss it. Then again we do have TIVO.