Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wow – talk about feel’n better...

I took yesterday afternoon off to basically sleep/catch up on sleep. It did the trick. I was so out of it yesterday morning at work, it wasn’t even funny.
I got up at 6 in time for Eric to drop by to begin a mass production of mailing out invites and free tickets to the cast.
We labeled and stuffed while we watched Scrubs...

From 10 to 11 or so, my roommates and I hung in the kitchen and chatted about relationships to the fact that we all work in retail or online retail.

Eric has today off, so he’s running (driving) around Omaha hand delivering to some locations we shot at as well as going to Muldoon’s to talk to them about our premiere party and Westwood Cinema to give them an update on our promotions.
Tonight, I’m continuing my online promotions as well as information to various publications to do announcements for the premiere.

A day in the life of a member of RMP is never dull.

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