Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend stuff...

Friday night: Headed to the Kochs to review some film stuff and talk to Christi about scrap booking the premiere.

Saturday: Was finally able to sleep in. I headed to Lincoln, once I arrived at my parents’ we headed to my grandparents to wish my grandpa a happy birthday. I forgot to do his birthday shout out on my blog. My parents & I headed back home for lunch. They then took my grandparents on a trip while I headed over to Mike & Kasey’s to drop off a cd and see my Godson (and Mike & Kasey). I hung there that afternoon. We played Life. In the game of life, I was married. I don’t know her name, but she was a small pink ‘stick person’ who fit in my little car that went around the came board. Also, what I found odd was an option to change salaries in the game – you know, since that is soooo much like life. I was a bit tired and out of it and was glad to relax away from work and premiere planning craziness – although, lately I’ve been having some nightmares about the premiere, so has Eric. Adam, have you?

I met up with Amy and Kim at Applebees to celebrate Amy's birthday. Every time I go to Lincoln I always run into people I know. This time was my mom’s cousin and her husband and then some people from my parents’ church. After a good chicken fajita wrap, we headed to Madsen’s Bowling Alley. I hadn’t been there since high school, they totally redid the place and with the no smoking ordinance, it is a good place to go. It used to be a bit scary, ‘wrong side of town’ and some unusual patrons back in my day. The wait to bowl was a few hours, so we hung out by the pool tables and another couple that Amy knows arrived. I talked them into coming to the premiere. I didn’t have any overnight items, so I headed back to the big-O way late.

Sunday: Eric dropped by and we fixed up “Laundromat” (a relief and a half) and worked on free passes, flyers, and invites for the premiere. I did a few web updates and we headed to a meeting for another film production company that wants to start up. People making films for the love of filmmaking – a networking group called Echo Factory Productions. The guy that started it is a pretty good writer; I read one of his scripts which is the first films to go into pre-production. Eric and I advised him on how we think he should go about it getting done, with everyone there – I think it will happen.
By the time we got back to my place, my 2nd roommate had moved the rest of his stuff to the basement.
I ended the night working on the blog for my friend Shawn. Just as I fell asleep, I thought of a series of more things I wanted to say. Now I can’t remember what.


Adam said...

No nightmares yet.

Anonymous said...

A little pink person who fit in your car??? Hmmmm....think that could have been a sign lol. I mean who loves pink more than me?? -jenn