Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesdays With Chad...

So I’m filling my water at work and my friend Michael says, “How come you don’t have a bio for Pat & JT on your site, they are in your film. Right?”
I hopped on the phone and asked Eric if they ever sent bios, I knew we have their candid pics. He called ‘em up (trying to get on the air while he was at it, but that didn’t work) – so now we have their bios which I’ll post over lunch.

Last night I fiddled with my .htaccess file - trying to figure out a good way to organize it for about 100 redirects. I contacted a few more places last night about the premiere – all about the buzz buzz buzz – finally using that degree I still get tuition bills for... good thing promoting doesn’t feel like ‘work’.

“How I met your Mother” was a rerun, but “24” was on! Both shows are entirely different, yet I think it would be great to be on the writing team for both.

I think my roommate still lives at my house, I haven’t seen him for days. I should call his cell and see what he’s up to.

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