Monday, January 30, 2006

My Constant Dilemma...

After work, I dropped by the grocery store as I do most Mondays.

It happened again, another instance of 'aisle to aisle'...

She looked to be about 5'8", with light brown hair, and a great smile (too my surprise: no ring on her finger - a rare find). She was shopping in the dairy section when I spotted her. Between the chocolate and white milk, she spotted me and smiled. What I needed from my mental grocery list, she was just walking away from... as I put my last item in my basket, I turned around to find her out of sight.

The dilemma:
Do I seek her out like a stalker? Nope. No need to scare her.
If I catch up with her, what would I say? "Come here often?" - "Great deal in aisle three on those Oreos, huh?"
Then if I don't do anything, I "hesitate, only to remain black & white" - then I'm not any different from when I went into the store.

We later ended at the express check-out. She was almost through as I set my basket down in the other checkout counter behind her.

She left without looking back... so, if this were my book, I'd say, "I was left standing."

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