Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Four things...

Four Jobs You Have Had:
1.) Delivered some papers
2.) Web Content manager
3.) Did the fast food thing
4.) Did the grocery store thing

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:
1.) Any original Star Wars film
2.) Back to the Future
3.) Good Will Hunting
4.) Aisle to Aisle

Four Places You've Lived:
1.) Omaha, NE
2.) Lincoln, NE
3.) Wayne, NE
4.) TBA

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch:
1.) How I Met Your Mother
2.) Scrubs
3.) Extreme Makeover : Home Edition
4.) Smallville

Four Places You've Been On Vacation:
1.) Chicago
2.) London
3.) Canada
4.) Colorado

Four Of Your Favorite Foods:
1.) Potatoes
2.) Chicken
3.) Cheesecake
4.) Ham & cheese

Four Places You'd Rather Be Right Now:
1.) In a hammock
2.) In bed
3.) With friends
4.) With Family

Four Sites You Visit Daily:
1.) Internet Movie Database
2.) RoomMateProductions.com
3.) LeftStanding.net
4.) CNN.com

Four Bloggers You Frequent:
1.) Adam F
2.) Adam A
3.) Eric
4.) Angie B


Adam said...

I'd never heard of "tagging" before, so I had to look it up.
You'd better not be "tagging" me!

Adam said...

Here's the specific definition.

Chad said...

I think I misunderstood the definition from the 'blog tagging' world - oh well, I updated 'four things'