Thursday, December 22, 2005

‘Twas the Thursday before Christmas...

After work yesterday, the marketing department went bowling. We all bowled two games, I almost had a ‘turkey’ the second game, but missed a pin, just my luck. No one else even bowled a turkey.

Then we exchanged gifts. I missed out on the Fantastic Four hands and ended up with “The Google Story”. I drew the last number of the white elephant gifts and everyone joked as I unwrapped what was obviously a book – that it was Left Standing. “You’ve already read it,” they all said.

I got home in time to fiddle with (yet another) new website template – finally, I think I got one that is going to work. I made two pages and sent it off to the other RMP fellas for their input. (sneak peak at 5)
Now, I have to build the pages in time for the upcoming movie premiere.

Go figure, my wireless router wasn’t working this morning – but the roommate had flavored coffee brewing - so that was good.
This morning The Pancake Man is serving up breakfast @ work!

Should be a good day – so, have one as well!

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