Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas Cards Galore... (updated)

Talk about time - between copying my Christmas letter to getting the address labels to finding the return labels, to the stamps, to the card writing, signing, and sealing - those Christmas cards sure took up most of my night. I'll admit, it is fun to put all that together and think about those people on your 'Christmas card list' that you don't talk to much. Some people live in states you'd really like to go visit them and 'get away from it all' at the same time...

RMP's "Kitty Cats & Exit Signs" trailer is up, although SO many people wanted to check it out that we exceeded bandwidth limitations. DOH! I was afraid of this, oh well - it will be back up soon - stay tuned.

A co-worker said that Pat & JT were discussing their part in the film on Q98 this morning. I ran into JT last night at Hy-Vee and told her I'd be sending her the trailer url.

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