Friday, November 11, 2005

TGIF (11.11.05)...

Again another Friday. A quick week.

I got some stuff done and realize that my to-do list keeps getting longer.
Someone I met while networking myspace is coming out with a cross marketing type website. So, I’m tossing him some optimization ideas to keep in practice and to see of some of my own personal theories work. Once the site is launched, I’ll blog about it and of course... link to it.

It gets me antsy to work on one of my sites, but as with anything – I don’t have time to focus on it.
This weekend I’m editing, requesting music for our film, going to a private screening of a local film, and planning for our last day of shooting.

Oh yeah: I haven’t seen my roommate for a couple of days, so I hope he’s okay. I should call his cell – just be sure.

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