Wednesday, October 19, 2005

You are never going to believe...

Yesterday afternoon at work, Eric calls and says Dropped at Birth Productions needs more extras for a club/dance scene at Club Nico.
He wanted me to email friends, people at work, and all of our past cast members that are still around Omaha. Phrase of the day: Last Minute.

I got there just before 6 and was there until 11:30. At the end of the night, I think I was in a scene or two.
The movie is called, “Imitation Life”.
It was very interesting to see someone else’s production.
  • First of all they had hired out a lighting crew.
  • They were using film.
  • They had a crew larger than 2.
  • They had about 20-30 extras.
Oh yeah – you are never going to believe I was one of the background dancers.

For those who aren’t familiar with filmmaking, we had to dance to no music so the editor can add music later in post. This way, the main dialogue can be heard.

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