Thursday, October 13, 2005

Straight out of a movie...

On the way to work today, I was at a stop light and I saw the following scene take place. It looked to be taken from a movie or just from a simple cliché.
Two little girls with pink coats and matching backpacks were walking on the sidewalk.
Two houses away, I could see a woman shouting toward the girls. The tallest and I’m assuming the oldest ran to the woman and picked up a brown sack and what I could only imagine was another kiss goodbye.
The taller little girl promptly ran back to the other girl and handed the sack to her.

I rarely remember walking with my sister to school. My mom did stay home with us growing up and I can imagine my mom doing the same thing.
"Chad, you forgot your lunch."
"Thanks, Mom."

Ahh – simple times when mom’s made your lunches:
Pre-bachelor days.
  • Days where you didn’t have a car and couldn’t drive one anyway, so you walked to school.
  • Days when you’d get up super early on Saturday (yikes) to watch cartoons
  • Days when a computer didn’t exist in the house
  • Days when you were your own remote control
  • Days when you didn’t concern yourself with relationship games
  • Days when you actually burned all the sugar you consumed
  • Days when...

  • I have a car and get to pay for it, insurance, and licensing
  • I get up early on Saturdays to read, write, film, and surf the net
  • My house currently holds three computers
  • I have four remote controls
  • Where is Ms. Right?
  • I sit in front of a computer all day and sometimes at night depending on what I’m working on – burning sugar is much harder
  • I reflect back and look forward to the future...

    I wonder how many more times I will see them at that stop light.
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