Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Crazy notions...

While surfing the web yesterday for work stuff, I came across a website that had a unique structure. I proceeded to take the template and replace RoomMate Productions’ stuff in it. The end (work in progress) result was that it may just work. It will take some additional customization, but it is a project I may be able to finish before our next movie premiere in January. I've wanted to revamp the websites so I can apply more SEO tactics to it.

I may work on it more over lunch today. I really want to work on it at home, but with my laptop out for the next week – I’ll have to let the ideas roll around in my head.

It is fun and challenging to make it work. If you understand the logic behind html/php & css and you have patience, you can really make it happen. That is what intrigues me most about making websites. It also helps I work in an internet company where we/I can learn a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff (site usability & design, SEO, coding, ecommerce, etc.), although the company websites are based in Cold-Fusion.

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