Monday, October 24, 2005

3 movies...

Weekend Update:

Friday night, Eric & I skimmed through “Kitty Cats & Exit Signs” footage to find a lost scene and to write down time codes to make our blooper reel.
Saturday morning, I had the intention to go work out, but I slept in instead. Eric, Angie, & I headed to the theater to see “Red Eye”. The movie was okay. Rachel McAdams is beautiful. I’ll keep her in mind when I write my screenplay. I hit the grocery store and vegged the rest of the day. Exciting huh?
I rented “Batman Begins” on Sunday. Good flick. Eric came over later and we watched “Good Will Hunting” with the commentary. Watching movies with commentary is better than taking a filmmaking class. It inspired me to really want to work on a screenplay.

Yes, I survived the weekend without my laptop. Bummer is that many of the contracts we need for RoomMate Productions is on there. I have a backup on a flash drive if I need it. Then again, I can’t use my printer to print them off anyway.

Back to the grind of Monday. A new guy started in my department today. He’ll be in training until Wednesday.

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