Sunday, September 18, 2005

On the shelf (both good & bad)...

I lived dangerously and went to two Borders stores today (count 'em, two).

I went to the one on west Maple since I'm closer. I (of course) looked up Left Standing on their little computer thingy - only to see there are copies in stock at 72nd & Dodge. To my shock & disblief mind you...

After seeing a few too many books I wanted, I ventured out having only bought a magazine on writing. The books "Blink" & "Tipping Point" are tripping my trigger. I still have a bookshelf full at home of half-read/unread books.

So... I drove to 72nd & Dodge and made my way to Literature - Fiction. Let me tell yeah, searching "Bring" was an odd experience. There it was, second shelf from the bottom. Two copies at that. Now as this is a writer's dream to see their book shelved, I unfortunatly saw it differently.
  • The books have been on that shelf for a while according to my publisher's records
  • "Somehow" they have the first edition (aka: that badly edited version)

    There are at least 100 writing books I want. Given I own a good percentage of them. Weekends are meant for me to read them, but I don't and don't know why. Reading about writing makes me want to write and that is what I really need to be doing.
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