Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Film Editing...

Film editing is both grueling and fun. From 6:30-11pm last night, RoomMate Productions’ editors Eric, Adam, & I worked on sound effects for “Laundromat”. In amidst of adding sound effects, we still found dialogue audio changes to tweak. Washer & dryer sound effects are added, they are low so you can hear the dialogue and hopefully would only noticed if the ‘hum’ wasn’t in the scene.

The opening credits song was added to see if it ‘felt’ like the right song. Not bad, the right volume needs to be tweaked – overall, the film is coming together. It is due at the end of the month to the festival it was made for. Another big night of editing should ensure its completion and then a viewing by RoomMate Productions & RedFrogs Productions will be the final step before send off.

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