Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Weird Dream...

Last night I had a dream that Eric & I were filming a movie like Dodgeball, but instead of dodgeball, it was Paper-Rock-Scissors.

It was an individual sport. We followed a few people’s ups and downs (documentary style) throughout their ‘Paper-Rock-Scissors’ career including the national championships, training, blackmail, love, sport betting, and even their determination to make it an Olympic Sport.

The film was a huge hit because everyone could identify with it. Following the film, everywhere we looked people were playing Paper-Rock-Scissors.
I think the 'Paper-Rock-Scissors' theme came from two different tv shows I watched before I went to bed - two sets of actors played it on the shows.

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Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud! That would be a hilarious documentary! -Angie