Sunday, August 14, 2005

Weekend update (for those who care)...

Friday night was another night of editing. Adam & RMP almost finished up editing "Laundromat".

Saturday afternoon I shredded two bags and organized two tubs worth of crap. 2 tubs down - five boxes to go. Interesting huh? Well, when you get organized you feel better and you want to tell the world.
Saturday evening, we (Adam & RMP) came even closer to finishing editing "Laundromat". One final scene to edit + the beginning & ending credits. Then we have one film down, two to go.

Sunday after church I mowed & packed up my computer and headed to Starbucks to work on Left Unsaid. I got about six pages written, the ideas were just flowing. It was a great way to continue my start on the book.
I then headed to Hollywood Video and rented Troy & Driv3r for my PS2.
Troy was okay. As a filmmaker, I can appreciate what it took to film some of those battle scenes.
Driv3r was tough & not very fun.
Monday starts another week of work & writing.
Saturday is Cathy's wedding. That'll be wedding four for me this year.

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Adam said...

I thought Troy was ok, I didn't like it as much as I thought I would though. My favorite scene was at the beginning when the kid goes to get Achilles (Pitt) out of bed...