Monday, August 01, 2005

Medium speed weekend...

Plans for the last day of filming “Kitty Cats & Exit Signs” and preparations for Wednesday’s auditions were settled Friday evening. After that meeting, I headed to my apartment to do what I could and bring some last nitty gritty stuff back.

Saturday morning we headed to Q98 and filmed there with Pat & JT. We got plenty of footage for a blooper reel. After lunch at Micky D’s, we headed to The Reading Grounds for the last scene. Of course, since The Reading Grounds is a bookstore, a copy of Left Standing happened to be on the shelf in a scene. After the day’s shoot I headed back to my old apartment and the grocery store.

Sunday morning I got up way too early – couldn’t sleep in any longer. I watched my crazy sprinklers water the grass for awhile. After church, I closed up the apartment – having cleaned it the best I could and once again hit the grocery store to pick up some items for my first pizza party at my new house. “Celebrate no more paying rent” pizza party. I invited a few select people and found some Pizza Hut coupons. The dining room spread out made it a bit crowded, but it worked. It was cool to finally be able to host people at my place instead me always going to their place. Although, I need to have some entertainment available.

This week I’ll get back into the swing of reading, writing, and going to the Gym more consistently. Who knows, I may unpack some misc. boxes. My roommate is going away to fish for awhile so I’ll have the house to myself for awhile – good, quiet.

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