Friday, August 12, 2005

Finally Friday...

Seems like my life is spent in front of a computer: Work desktop, my laptop, and the editing computer for “Laundromat”. After work last night, I met up with Eric & Adam ad Adam’s house to continue on editing. I don’t do much actual editing, Adam & Eric do most of that. Each person has their own way to show a scene, so three different ideas makes editing tough. I’m looking forward to editing “Silence”. Then again, I need to film it first. Filming schedules keep conflicting, but since there are only two actors – it shouldn’t take too long to ‘make it work’.

Today at 3:30, “Halfway Point” is screening at the Microcinema Fest in Chicago. Neither Eric or I can be there, but we are there in spirit - and since we appear in the film – we are there too.

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