Sunday, July 17, 2005

A very moving weekend...

After countless hours, boxes of crap, people, sweat, and vehicles - everything from my apartment is either in my house or my garage. Cleaning supplies are left at the apartment.

The move went smoother than I thought. Had a few people that couldn't make it. Eric, my mom, & I were able to knock out a bunch of things Friday night.

Let me tell you - moving the couch down two flights of stairs was SO MUCH easier with 4 people than 3 people moving it up three years ago.

I'm tired. I'm sore. I'm excited. I woke up this morning at 6 because my mind was thinking of all I need to do today. Ran some errands this morning. I'll head to church in a bit. 'She' may be there. But I'm going to thank God for His blessings on my house, and the family & friends that helped me move.

Nick and his crew are going to be here soon to move his stuff. Good thing for a garage and a basement to hide crap. Although, the basement is the coolest (temp wise) place right now, so maybe we can set it up like our little den. His couch and TV and who knows what else will go down there. A bed for guests is down there already along with some of my empty boxes and misc crap.

On a moving load yesterday I came back to find my aunt was mowing my lawn.
My Mom had put all my dishes and food away.
My Pop had set up my bed.
Nick & Justin dropped by and helped move a load or two. Justin wasn't test driving a huge Ford F-150. He dropped by as we were thinking we'd have to come back for the bed. I rode back with him and enjoyed the 'new car smell'.
Eric's wife was around a bit Friday night and most of Saturday. They were nice and bought water and donuts for everyone Saturday morning. Had I not been so scatter brained, I probably would have done it.
My good friend Jonathan cut his finger and couldn't help.
Adam had to watch "Lil Web", but I'll invite him, Christi, and Alyssa over for pizza soon. Although, I don't think Alyssa is old enough for pizza.
I don't know where Dan was.
Natalie forgot, she had her daughter which she normally doesn't on Saturdays so that threw her off.
Cox was late coming to hook up my phone - so I got $20 off my bill!
Only seen the neighbors, haven't talked to them yet.
Mike & Kasey will be up next weekend.
Jon will see it early August.

As you can figure, I set up my internet so I could write my blog and search for misc stuff.

Yesterday my dad, aunt, and I headed to Menards for some 'supplies'.
After they left, I cleaned up and headed to Target with a gift certificate from work. I about drained my Menards gift cert and went over my Target one! I'll see what else Nick has before I buy any more crap.

Now I can think about unpacking, writing, and prepping for "Silence".

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