Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Only Wednesday?

Last night I filled my room, the living room, and basement with boxes.
I was able to finally park my car in the garage. Of course, my roommate still has to park outside. His stuff fills his side of the garage.
I got a cheap computer desk and I guess I got what I paid for, the nails were weak. Luckily... my roommate is prepared and had all the right tools. Being a college graduate I thought I was dumb for not being able to put my desk together. I just didn’t have the proper tools. Now that I have the desk together, I’m going to rearrange my room so everything is spaced out and finally bring my laptop up from the coffee table. Maybe I’ll write a book – who knows?

Oh yeah, I’m missing cords for the DVD player and for some reason my stereo isn’t working. Grrr – never ending problems.

Eric & Angie dropped by with a gift certificate. They didn’t have to since they helped me move. That is the best gift of all!

Today, Eric is working on a bunch of RMP stuff since he has the day off and I have to work...

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