Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The day after...

Hope you all had a great Independence Day.

I spent the day in Lincoln changing oil (buried oil filter – that was fun) and grilling out with Mike & the gang. Mike loves fireworks and put on a good display. I brought the salads. Kasey had awesome watermelon and brownies – not sure which I liked better.

I got home about 11 last night – unpacked. Needless to say, I’m a wee bit tired. I brought a bunch of newspapers back for packing. Next Friday is closing, I can’t believe it!

On my desk at work this morning was a nice note from the project manager who read Left Standing over the weekend. A very encouraging note since I just looked up how many I sold last month. Two words: Starving Artist.

But I see it now… in my E True Hollywood Story. (Voice-over) “In his early years, there was a month where Chad barely sold any books at all.”

Chad – the holiday weekend afforded me the opportunity to (finally) read & finish & enjoy Left Standing. Nicely Done! I especially enjoyed the easy-to-swallow dialogue (very believable) & was pleasantly surprised with the spirituality aspect. And, I really appreciated the “Left Standing” tie throughout the chapters. Clever.
Thanks for sharing your talent. Hope to see your name in print in times to come!
~ Beth

A writer is someone who never quits. Amen for my day job.

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