Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Corporations & Job Cuts...

Hewlett-Packard to cut 14,500 jobs
Restructuring plan designed to save $1.9 billion annually
WOW! I can imagine making such a decision that is going to change that many families. Seems like that big of a cut should reflect poorly on a company that can’t manage their $ and employees through strategies and planning – but I don’t know. Just my take. After all, RoomMate Productions is just two people. We don’t pay ourselves and are blessed to have various friends who help us out by using their talents here and there.

I was laid off in late 2001. It took awhile to get back on meet after that. Good thing I didn’t have a family or kids at the time. I worked temp. I had a transition job and then I am at my current job.

Now that I just bought a house, I need to check job security every chance I can get. Given, where I work was crowned best company to work for and the fastest growing company in Omaha in 2004/2005 (I forget).

Ahh - if only I could write full time. But then, I'd be worried about publishers not picking up my book which is even less secure tha corporate America. I can't win.

More cuts...
Kodak posts quarterly loss, sets more job cuts

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