Friday, June 24, 2005

Random Friday thoughts...

Tonight, I’m memorizing my lines to a small shoot we are doing tomorrow at my office. I don’t like memorizing. Luckily, it isn’t too long of a scene. If I read it enough times, I’ll get it.

Tomorrow, (imagine) is the scene I was referring to above. After that, Eric and I are going to play on Sunday’s shoot with all the extras we are expecting.

Sunday, (imagine) is the scene with extras I was referring to above. Also, with extras from Reel People – I may have some people that want to audition for “Silence”.

I won’t have much time on Sunday to talk to ‘her’ if I see ‘her’.

I could see I sold another book yesterday. 1 more down – many more to sell!

The guy at work finished my book. He wrote in and circled left out words, wrong words, and misspellings. Wow.. more than I thought he'd find. Frustrating to say the least? Do I do a third version? Probably not. Will I ever self-edit again? NO!

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