Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My cousin's wedding...

After work on Friday, I zoomed down to Lincoln to meet up with my parents and aunt. After parking my car in my parents’ garage, we headed to Ogallala since driving to Colorado after 5pm would not be a good idea. The motel was the worst ever. Broken toilet and no door to the bathroom.

Saturday we jumped in the car early and headed to Colorado Springs. We checked into our motel and went to visit the Garden of the Gods before we headed to the rehearsal and dinner. The wedding was to take place outside in a gazebo. It was hot out – but we found shade. The dinner was at Mimi’s CafĂ© – word is that there is a Mimi’s in Omaha. Good place!

On the way out I finished one book and flipped through my recent Writer’s Digest and was reinspired to get back to my passion or as the new book I'm reading says - "my bliss".

Sunday we had breakfast and I gave my dad (Pop) his father’s day card with some $ for a shredder since I didn’t have a chance to buy one and didn’t know how good of a shredder he wanted. The wedding was at 1:30, about 100 people were there. My cousin & his now wife wrote their vows – which I liked better than the current traditional vows. Contemporary and fitting for them. Since it was windy – they poured different colored sand together instead of a candle. Very nice!

The reception was great – good food & cake. I didn’t dance, just ate and watched my parents dance! After the wedding we went to visit Seven Falls. Very cool! (See below.)

We spent all day Monday driving from Colorado Springs to Lincoln, then I headed to Omaha and got home about 10pm.

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