Thursday, June 16, 2005


After work yesterday I picked up a few father’s day cards, went shopping for something my dad wanted, took back the new Star Wars game to Hollywood Video and rented “Hitch”. I was impressed with the film. Had great humor and insight and I’ve always thought Will Smith and Kevin James are funny guys. Don’t know if I’d buy it – but there are some lessons to be learned for it for guys.

In the mail I received my check from jury duty. For the amount of time and gas I spent down at the courthouse – the amount of the check was adequate.

I’m reading more about blog marketing and blogs as part of search engine marketing and optimization. More and more people have blogs. I have this one, one for RoomMate Productions (just started) one for my book once word about it grows. Speaking of which – the Omaha World-Herald should have a blurb about it this Sunday in their Arts & Travel section (I hope).

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