Monday, June 06, 2005

Getting closer to the big move...

The weekend of course consisted of more filming for “Kitty Cats & Exit Signs”.
Saturday was a quick shoot at Scooters Java Express at 120th & Blondo. I love the inside and always wanted to shoot in there, but it was too noisy so we shot outside. We were able to film a bit inside though – not as much as I had hoped.

That night I headed to Josh & Casey’s wedding reception. They were married in Jamaica about 3 weeks ago, but I didn’t get to go. Their reception was in Omaha and I was an honorary groomsman and even wore a tropical tie. I didn’t dance much, but did have some excellent food & dessert.

I was up late so I missed church and seeing ‘her’. The afternoon and evening consisted of filming 3 scenes for “Kitty Cats & Exit Signs” at an office.

My grandma’s side of the family is having a family reunion down in Branson this weekend. I have to miss out due to filming, the wedding reception, and my lack of vacation time.

Today, I’m going to signing the papers for my home owners insurance and tomorrow is my home inspection. I talked to my soon-to-be roommate about the events that are going to take place. I was happy to hear he has a grill!

Well, back to the grind of the workday...

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