Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday craziness...

Last night after work I ended up at Wal*Mart to get packing tape, socks, & a CD. ...and "Somehow" I ended up with so much more – groceries mainly, but of course… some stuff for the new house.

This weekend’s filming is out. We didn’t plan to shoot today, but all day tomorrow. Our location fell through tomorrow so we have tomorrow off. At least, Eric & I can go to a coffee shop to see about using their shop.

Sunday, I’ll be back at church - maybe I’ll talk to ‘her’ or maybe I won’t. Then a distant relative is having a graduation party. I remember when this kid was born, how can he be graduating already? His parents live in Omaha and in five years I’ve lived here – I have never met up with them.

With a weekend off – I may get a chance to pack or spend more time ‘figuring out’ a new design for I’ve come further with it than I expected with my limited knowledge and I’m sure I’m going about it the most difficult way possible. But in the end, I can say, "I did it." (But I’m sure I’ll have to bow to Adam the Almighty every-so-often.)

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