Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What’s new?

I helped a friend of mine set up her new laptop – I so wanted it. Such a better and upgraded version of mine. I also gave her some ideas for a new site she is building to see coffee house supplies... soon to be

I finished reading Good In Bed (Don’t let the title fool you) – a chick book – I’ll admit. Two friends highly recommended it. I wanted to read it since it was Jennifer Weiner’s first book and it was a major hit. I wanted to find out what a NY Times Best Seller book read like from a first-time author. I was impressed.
She has a few other books out – some will be turned into films. Reading it inspired me and gave me some better ideas on how to improve my writing. I need to be more descriptive.

Tonight, my department at work is going out to eat.

Book sales are okay – I was expecting higher, but it can still happen!

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