Monday, April 04, 2005

Weekend update...

After work on Friday, Eric & I reviewed Laundromat footage.
On Saturday, I finally slept in. Eric & I headed to Panera Bread for our first meet & greet for "Kitty Cats & Exit Signs". The whole cast made it except for two. I think this is going to be a great film. We watched two movies and I headed out to Elkhorn to hang with Amy & Kim.

Sunday morning came and Eric was sick, but we headed over to Clayton's to get the master copy of "Halfway Point" made. At 10am we were out of there and I dropped Eric off at home and headed to church.

I saw her. I sat somewhere different. After the service she was in a group as always. I found someone I know to talk to in order to steal time for her to be alone. After running out of conversation, I followed my friend toward the front of the gym (she was in the middle). She saw me walking toward her and turned her attention to her friends.

I stopped when I got next to her and greeted her.
I leaned in and whispered (while looking embarrassed), "Sorry for my less than conventional approach. I'm a bit rusty at that."
She giggled a bit and locked eyes, "Oh, that's okay." (as if to say don't worry about it)
I think I touched her arm when I said, "Please, just be flattered." (as if to erase everything I don't want her to remember)
I think she said, "I was."
I proceeded to ask about her week and what she does - come to find out she is still in school, an education major - focusing on teaching kindergarten. So she has two out of the four characteristics that I seem to constantly find in people I'm interested in. She's brunette who is (going to be) a teacher. She isn't left handed as far as I know, nor is she from a small town (I don't think). She is younger than I thought since she is in school.
I proceeded to talk a bit about work and then I mentioned I was busy as to not bug her too long. As always, I left her standing (hopefully wanting to know more). I went home and took a nap even though I planned to do something more productive.

So we'll see. I'll be gone two weekends this month so I won't see her then. I'm assuming she's in her last year of school which means she'll probably graduate next month and be busy until then.

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