Monday, April 25, 2005

Fun, Busy, Tiring weekend!

Ahhh... my good friends Mike & Kasey are now married!!!
Friday night I left work and headed to Lincoln to the church for the rehearsal! Then we all headed to Valentino’s Buffet (yum).. we were all able to watch the video I made there instead of the reception which worked out so much better.

Saturday, I went to pick up Mike and change into my 'monkey suit'. Pictures were being taken and balloons were being filled. Of course, I had to suck some helium and have a funny sounding voice a few times.
2pm came with Kasey down the aisle... a beautiful wedding! I could write so much more, but don't have the time...
The reception was awesome – there was even a polka band there. My parents were there as one of the host couples, so I got a chance to talk to them for awhile since I don’t see ‘em that much. My shoes were a size too small which is weird since I tried 'em on when I got measured. But, everyone had that problem so I didn't feel like I was being singled out.
Drinks were passed, food was served, and people started to get their groove on.
To say the least, I found myself on the floor doing my infamous break dance... when I wasn’t breaking it down... I was dancing with Mike’s little 5 year old Ashley. She danced until I thought she couldn’t dance anymore.
After letting Mike & Kasey’s dog out, I went home and crashed.

Sunday came and I made my rounds around Lincoln, dropping off my tux and visiting my grandparents.
Once everything was put away (back in Omaha) I made some of my famous chicken fettuccini alfredo and started reading "3 Weeks With my Brother" by Nicolas Sparks. Even though it is a nonfiction book, Sparks still has a great way of wording his books!

I'm still a bit tired, but want to start knocking off my to-do list!

2 funny things:
1. After kidnapping Kasey, we walked back to the hall and I walked into the wrong party!
2. The tux was so tight around my neck that two days later... I still have run around my neck... looks like a perfect circle hicki! haha

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Anonymous said...

<<2 funny things:
1. After kidnapping Kasey, we walked back to the hall and I walked into the wrong party!>>

I'm sorry Chadly, but that was flippin' hillarious!! =) (We, of course, just stood outside and laughed.)