Monday, March 28, 2005

Weekend update…

I headed down to Lincoln Friday and hung out with Mike until late late...
On Saturday, I started to do my taxes, but fell asleep!
My uncle and his family were in town and we all went to visit Grandma in the hospital.

After church on Sunday, we headed back to the hospital and (then later) I finally finished my taxes. At least I’ll get a refund.

Over lunch tomorrow, I’ll be picking up the bookmark I had printed!!!

Nothing big this week other than helping a friend with a Coffee Shop Supply store she wants to build online, reviewing "Laundromat" footage, submitting "Halfway Point" to the Moondance Film Festival, and meeting with the cast of "Kitty Cats & Exit Signs".

I have less than a week to figure out what I’m going to say to the brunette at church and I have about as much time to finalize my marketing plan for Left Standing.

Oh yeah, I went on an Easter egg hunt on Sunday - never too old to search for chocolate randomly placed around your parents' house...

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