Friday, March 11, 2005


Last night's Steven Curtis Chapman (SCC) concert was pretty awesome. The opening bands were very good, one even had the audience light up the arena with their cell phone lights.
SCC did an acoustic medley of some of his older songs which I like better.
I got home about 11:30 and work up at 5 to attend my 6:15 Noble Men's breakfast at church.

Tonight, I'll be up till midnight as we are rehearasing for "Laundromat" from 9-midnight or earlier. After work and before we meet, Eric & I have some last minute preparations to do. So, no time to get a quick name in then...

Tomorrow, I'm helping Josh pack up (he's moving to Vegas) and I believe Mike is coming to Omaha with a bunch of DVD cases so once "Halfway Point" is burned, we can hand 'em out and sell 'em!
I'm hoping to hear from iUniverse today that my new format is ready for my review.

Somehow, keyword=somehow - I'm going to catch up on sleep.

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