Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Literary agent quest

Since Left Standing is being published by iUniverse, I can’t submit that to an agent, although if an agent is interested, they can check it out. An agent wants to read the synopsis and a few chapters with my next project, Left Unsaid before figuring out if they want to go with me or not. Recently, the Writer’s Digest magazine had a listing of 21 agents who are looking for new writers. The need for an agent is that they have connections to publishers I don’t have. Self-publishing works for the first book, but after that - a book deal is a nice word! They (the agents) can help improve my writing and help me find those darn typos. Plus, they can drive me to write more than one book every three years as I plan to finish Left Unsaid by December.

Last night I may a final run through of Left Standing and added a few more corrections to the correction form sheet that iUniverse provides.
I plan to send that over lunch today, but we’ll see.

Today at 10pm, Eric & I are meeting with RedFrogs to discuss "Laundromat" logistics for Friday - our first night of shooting.

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