Sunday, March 20, 2005

I left her standing...

After what is probably a year of deliberation, I finally decided to talk to the brunette at church.
It could have gone worse. It could have gone better.
My instinct + her reactions + my bad luck + recognizing some of her reaction leads me to believe that mutual interest doesn't exist.
I won't know for certain for at least 2 weeks, maybe longer.
Although asking women out aren't an everyday occurrence, I am beginning to recognize a consistent theme which leads me to believe there is something about me that women don't find appealing.

Today, she was talking to a group of friends after church. Then she walked to the foyer. I followed as I wanted to get some hot chocolate. She found someone else to talk to. I ended up getting a drink at the water fountain. Once I turned around, she was gone. I proceeded to talk toward my car only to pass her in the hallway going back to where she had just come from. That caught me off guard so I didn't say anything. I stalled with another drink of water and then walked back to the foyer.

There she was... standing there alone (the chance I'd been seeking longer than I'll admit). It looked as though she was waiting for someone. My heart beat fast and hesitation overwhelmed me. I knew if I didn't talk to her then, at this opportunity, I never would.

Finally - I took a step.

I said, "Excuse me... is your name Kristy or Laura?"
She looked shocked.. "I'm Kristy."
"I was wondering, I was talking to Ian one day and pointed in your direction and asked if he knew what your name was. He told me it was either Kristy or Laura, so I had to find out."
"I've noticed you as I sit behind you pretty much every Sunday at church."
She simply nodded, I can only assume she wanted to know what I was getting at.
I took a breath and continued... "So, I was wondering if you would want to go out sometime." I played in some creative bit about since I see the back of your head, this would give me a chance to see your other side.
She hesitated and looked down at the floor. "I'm kinda busy this week." (my heart sank when she didn't counter offer with the following week)
"Oh... busy like this morning's message"
We both laughed.
I said, "Well could I have your number and give you a call?"
She hesitated again and looked down at the floor.
I began regretting that question knowing what her answer was going to be - but I had to give it a shot.
"Sorry, I feel uncomfortable giving you my number."
"That is okay, I understand - I figured you might. Well, maybe we talk more in the coming Sundays."
"Sure," she replied quickly.
"Oh yeah," I caught myself. "My name is Chad by the way."
"Nice to meet you."
"Have a good Sunday."
I walked away.
She was left standing in the foyer leaning up against a support beam probably wondering what in the world just happened and who was that crazy guy that just came up to her at church and 'hit on her'.
Next Sunday I'll be in Lincoln for Easter... so the following Sunday I will see her again. I'm not sure what I'll do or what I'll say. I have no idea what she will do or what she will say.

Looking back - I realize I came across too strong and will have to 'somehow' apologize next time I see her (if I get a chance)

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