Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Disaster relief mode...

I’ve replayed Sunday’s ‘incident’ so many times in my head – I feel like I’m watching a movie.
With a degree in public relations, I feel I’m fully qualified to ‘fix’ it with a nice spin and apology for my less than conventional approach.
I can only hope she was more flattered, than freak’d...

I should have gone to bed early last night, but I had much to do.
Eric & I are gearing up to send "Halfway Point" to the Moondance Film Festival. Pretty big deal. Costly too. They want a whole press kit.

Oh yeah, John from BrandedBetter.com wrote me up a Left Standing press release so I can send it out once my book is re-released which I really hope is soon – next week, I’m sure! I could have done it, but he wants more samples to add to his site. Plus, writing my own press release didn't seem objective enough.

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