Friday, February 18, 2005

Today is the day... 10 days till release!

Today, the little brown truck is going to show up at work with a 12.70lb box of 15 books – each book properly titled, Left Standing.

  • I have two to sign and give to people at work (John & Deb).
  • I have one to drive to one of my old jobs and give it to my graphic designer, Dan Swoboda.
  • One I’m going to trade with Neil, who also wrote a book and read mine – he provided a testimony.
  • I have three to mail - my sister, Janet, and Jaenne (sp?).
  • One to drop off at Adam & Christi’s tonight.
  • A few to take to Lincoln – next weekend (parents, grandparents, etc.).
  • One is going to pick hers up on Sunday.
  • I’ll have on for myself
  • Two extra (one for Omaha City Weekly to review) and I am sure I can find a home for the last one.

    I have an amazon ranking ( Sales Rank in Books: #106,053), I think that number go down on Feb 28th.

    I hope!
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