Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Only Tuesday?

I checked my iuniverse account and saw that Left Standing is going to go live this week. I was told it would go live on the 16th (next Wed).
Live means that it will be available at the iUniverse bookstore – whenever it is live, that is my official release date. However, in my mind – my official release date is the day it shows up on Amazon.com which will be late March, maybe earlier since it looks like I’m a week ahead of schedule. After the book goes live, I’ll be sent my copies. Crazy thought & feeling. This means my marketing plans need to be moved up a week.

Last night I went to Great Adventure Omaha... ‘she’ was there (after all, it is held at her house). I’m not sure if it is guy instinct or what, but she gave me the cold shoulder. I greeted her and asked her about church on Sunday as she joined too. She acted as if she didn’t hear me, maybe she didn’t. The group is having a Valentine’s party on Saturday, but I’m planning to go to Brad & Julia’s.

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-KL said...

So are you planning a book release party?! We should - that'd be great!