Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ideas flowing rapidly...

Last night & this morning my mind bombarded me with ideas. I was up until about midnight, I couldn’t sleep.
RoomMate Productions and our head techie Kevin (we call him Heavy) met up to discuss our three upcoming short films. Ideas were passed and excitement began.

The journey ahead of us will be long and stressful, but in the end… we will have three great films to show for it.
What is different about these three short films is that we now have a crew of four, not to mention that we’ll actually do ‘true’ storyboarding and have rehearsals with the cast. The good thing is that these are short films. Few locations. Few actors. Better filming knowledge. In some ways, better scripts.

Once the meeting was over I began to think about the video that Mike & Kasey want me to do to be shown at their reception.
The idea was born and almost too many ideas flooded my head. I can’t say much as Kasey reads my blog, but I know that they’ll love it!

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-KL said...

Okay, you seriously put a link in your blog to your own blog.

You need help, Chadly. You have link-itis - a condition in which you feel the need to link all the time. =)