Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Calm before the storm...

Last night was calm. I didn’t do much which was okay. I mainly organized some folders on my computer and sent out about twenty more emails to old co-workers. I’m anticipating online bookstores picking my book up as quickly as did.

RoomMate Productions is taking “Halfway Point” to Wayne State College on March 24th. My teacher emailed me and added this note:
“Chad, if you have copies of your book we can put some in the bookstore for you. I asked them and I think they'd be willing to do that.”
So. I emailed iUniverse to get details on how I can get the Wayne State bookstore to shelve “Left Standing”.

All three short film scripts are done for this summer’s filming. “Silence” may have a few tweaks to be made as I came up with an awesome split screen idea, something I’ve never seen done before (my idea that is, I’ve seen split screen done before).

Hmmm… marketing for my book: press release, even planning, contact bookstores, pull affiliate coding for all bookstores, make new purchase page on, go through 100 or so book related sites such as I still need to finish reading ‘Beyond the Bookstore’. The only thing I am unclear about this is when it is all going to go ‘down’. As much as I want this to happen soon – I’m glad I have some more prep time to hit all marketing channels simultaneously.

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