Thursday, February 17, 2005

Book minus 11 days...

Last night I checked out Smallville, I didn’t have the best day so I took it easy.

I keep getting things in the mail about writing competitions and anything and everything in regards to writing, not to mention - Writer's Digest. It is almost overwhelming, I need to get a file cabinet just for this stuff. I also need to get a start on Left Unsaid. I’m waiting to be inspired. Maybe holding Left Standing in my hands tomorrow will do that.

I was up late checking email and Adam sent me two new designs for – both are AWESOME. I picked one, suggested some changes. Ideally this new design will launch on February 28th – the same day that Left Standing is officially released!

Tonight, RoomMate Productions is meeting to discuss our upcoming films. Our auditions are next Wednesday. The same day that I talk to my boss about making a video for work.

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