Monday, January 17, 2005

Weekend report

Friday after work I headed to Lincoln. I spent most of my Friday night deleting about 400 emails out of my hotmail account – sad I know, but I needed to do some house cleaning on my laptop and reorganize folders and move attachments from email into my folders.

Saturday, I ran some errands and went to Barnes & Noble, dangerous territory for me as I can drop a lot of cash in that place. I ended up getting a late bday book for Kasey and two coloring books for Mike’s little Ashley.

Then I headed downtown to some martini bar and attended an informal meeting of Cornfed Video which is a distribution service for local independent films. Hopefully when "Halfway Point" and our short films are all on DVD, Cornfed can help us distribute.

Then I was fashionably late to Ashley’s birthday party. I walked in, she saw I had gifts for her and wanted to open them right away. Too funny!
I then hit Runza with my parents and we all dropped by my grandparents who live in a retirement home. I headed back to Omaha with a clean load of laundry, a full stomach, and a big yawn.

Sunday, I "hit" church. I was asked to do offering which made me nervous because I thought I’d mess it up. Sure enough, the other person and I passed our trays down the same aisle. No big deal really until I realized the one girl I’ve wanted to ask out was in that row and looked at me and just laughed. I turned bright red – I’m sure.

She still hangs in groups after church, I thought I’d kill time by getting some hot chocolate.
Low & behold (after paying for my hot drink) I looked over and there was a girl from my membership meeting from that prior Tuesday. She had her hot chocolate and was reading a book. Luckily I remembered her name and said hello and used her name (hmmm… you may learn her name later!) I picked up my cup and struck up a conversation with her through a series of questions that naturally rolled out of my mouth. This is the most comfortable I’ve been talking with a girl (woman) I barely know. She’s an avid book reader – so of course, I shamelessly plugged “Left Standing”. I wonder if I mentioned it to get a future sale or to impress her – I don’t know, yet.

So of course I’m torn between the brunette in the coffee shop who was reading one of my favorite books and the brunette in the aisle that I don’t even know her name that laughed at me for screwing up offering. I happen to have her (coffee shop brunette) phone number off an advertisement she gave me for a super bowl party a group of hers is hosting. I still think it would be better for me to get her # directly from her. Not sure when I’ll see her again though. She attends a different service and was at the shop only because she was waiting for a friend. She and I will become members on Feb 6 – same day as the super bowl… maybe I’ll have to wait.

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