Sunday, January 30, 2005

I got her number & then I got a cold shoulder...

Okay – here goes my crazy weekend in Kearney. A story that seems like it can only happen to me as I feel like when it comes to dating, my life is scripted from the twilight zone…

RoomMate Productions had “Halfway Point” & “Aisle to Aisle” entered in the first film festival in Kearney called the Central Nebraska Film Festival. We were there Friday and Saturday. “Aisle to Aisle” didn’t win anything, but “Halfway Point” came in third.

Day 1:
Friday night, after our showing a bunch of filmmakers went out to a bar.

I was playing some pool and taking a shot. I about hit the girl behind me in the head.
I apologized and said, “if I make this next shot…”
She finished, “you have to buy me a drink.”
Sure enough – I failed under pressure and missed. She claimed I did it on purpose.
I said, ‘no’.
Minutes later my game was over and I went chat with some other filmmakers.
Meanwhile, she and I made eye contact a handful of times. I’m not talking split second – I’m talking holding the gaze and smiling. She kept looking in my direction. Mind you – she is very attractive! I decide to talk to her - so I sit down next to her.
“Sorry I missed, but I can still buy you a drink,” I said.
“That’s okay, I just got a pitcher of beer, but thanks.”
I chatted with her a bit, found out her name is Shannon.
She went on to chat with a friend next to her and I excused myself.
I had gone to talk to other filmmakers in the corner.
While I was talking with them – I kept my eye on her. Every minute or so, she would look around the bar – almost as if she was trying to find me. Once our eyes met she went back to talking with her friend.
A few moments later, her friend walked away and three guys sat down next to her and talked to her for a few moments, once they were gone – she was alone.
Since I felt like I had a second opportunity – I took it.
“You are too cute to be sitting alone by yourself,” I said - having an out of the body experience since I haven’t done this to anyone.
She smiled, but said nothing. We continued to talk about various subjects for the next half hour. Her friends were looking to go upstairs and sit at the bar since we were down in the bar rec area.
Meanwhile, the techie from roommate productions wanted me to drive him to a bar where this girl he liked was. I gave in since my conversation with Shannon started to fall.
We said our “nice to meet yous” and went out our ways.
They sat at the bar and Kevin & I said our goodbyes to the other filmmakers.
Kevin asked the bartender upstairs for directions to the other bar.
Shannon gave me crap for being from Omaha and getting lost in Kearney – needing directions
I felt bold, so I said, “I know I’m from Omaha and you are from Kearney, but can I have your number anyway?” I pulled out a business card and was looking for a pen.
She replied, “It is really easy to remember, xxx-5000” Kevin flipped open his phone to record the number since I couldn’t find a pen.
Kevin also got her cell number for me, which she gave without hesitation - although she claimed she doesn’t carry it around with her much.
We said our goodbyes again.

Day 2:
I had invited Shannon to day two of the festival – she wasn’t sure what she was doing. Low and behold she never came.
After the awards - we all went back to that same bar. Shannon had said the previous night that she and her friend were going to another bar after I asked what her plans were for the next day.
Since it was late – I had her cell, I called… and had to leave a message that we were celebrating and she should drop by, but I was afraid she wouldn’t get the message until later.
An hour went by and one of the guys from my group said he saw a girl that looked like the girl I was talking to the night before with her friend, they were going to play pool.
I jumped up and ran downstairs.
Sure enough it was her – wow, beautiful too!
She was racking up the pool balls and sipping water.
I asked her a few questions and got one-word answers.
I felt the cold shoulder again, so I excused myself – feeling defeated.
About 20 minutes later – I grabbed Eric to play foosball.
We played about 4 games – meanwhile I’m loosing because my focus was on her.
She and I continued to make some of the same types of eye contact as the night before. Meanwhile, I’m getting evil glares from her friend – some brunette wearing a poncho.
Once Eric had beaten me, I asked if Shannon & her friend wanted to play pool/doubles.
Her friend immediately replied, “not really” - in a very snotty tone.
I took the hint and went upstairs – not even looking at Shannon as I walked away (not sure why).
I didn’t feel like being there, so Eric & left Kevin to find a ride home that night.
I wanted to say goodbye, as my last attempt, after all – she had given me her number.
I went downstairs again and said, “We’re taking off – have a great night.”
She just replied, “You too”. Meanwhile her friend looked at me and didn’t look happy.
Eric & I left.

The next morning I was still in a bad mood.
Kevin said, “Don’t worry – as we were leaving, we saw her making out with her friend.”

Everything became clear – except why she had given me her number so fast. Why we made eye contact so much.

Back in Omaha – I felt I a need to put closure on it, esp after I said I’d call her the next week in the voice-mail about stopping by the bar.
I wrote up a basic phone script (I couldn’t speak what I wanted on the fly) and prayed that I’d only leave a voice-mail on her cell-phone. Talking to her one-on-one would have been weird. I think.
Luckily that happened – voice-mail…
I reaffirmed that it was good meet her, thanked her for the phone numbers and explained that it would be my only call and that “you will probably know why” (I doubt she knows my friend saw her kissing her friend).. but after a few doses of the cold shoulder, she may ‘get it’ that I ‘get it’.
I left my number – in case she wants to apologize for leading me on or whatnot, confusing me, or giving me the cold shoulder. I’m not expecting a return call, but I left it in her hands.

I hope this prepares me for tomorrow as there is someone I would like to ask out. I hope to see her tomorrow. Even though I doubt it would have worked out with Shannon beyond the long-distance before I knew about her sexual preference, it still gave me confidence to talk to this new girl and actually feel more comfortable bringing up the desire to talk to her further.

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