Monday, December 27, 2004

A book a year?

In the world of online retail – we are winding down the crazy Christmas craze!

On the road to my uncle’s on Saturday I was reading Writer’s Digest and came across this link – indeed it has some cool stuff!

I’m looking forward (and then again I’m not looking forward) to making those editing changes this week. There are a lot of ‘em, sure – the quality of the book will improve more than I can imagine, but it will be very time consuming. But in the end I can finally say I’m done. By the time I’m done with the following books, I’ll be like 33 assuming I can crank out a book a year…

Book 1: “Left Standing
Book 2: “Red Light”
Book 3: “Left Unsaid”
Book 4: “Left Speechless”
Book 5: “On the Verge”
Book 6: “One Sided Goodbye”

After that, we’ll see.

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