Friday, November 19, 2004

A shaky feeling and an upcoming weekend...

Yesterday at work I moved cubes for the 7th time. For whatever reason, my blood sugar was really low and I started shaking. It was a really weird feeling - I've experienced it one or two times before but thought it had to do with my thyroid. I'm having lunch with an old friend from my last job at Travelex who is also diabetic. We are going to trade notes. He's lost a lot of weight too.

TGIF - pay day! My parents are coming up this weekend to celebrate their anniversary. We may check out my new office and I'll take them to Red Robin. Who knows what else, maybe a movie.

Other than that - I plan to query publishers & literary agents and continue editing my book. My Godsend editor Jan just finished reading it and I'll be getting the last of her markings today to work on this weekend.

Trevor Morgan opened for Jars of Clay last week, I bought his CD "Wonderlight" and have been listening to it ever since.

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